Protecting your skin from the sun this summer

Protecting your skin from the sun this summer

At George and Eva, we care about your skin. We hope that’s pretty clear. And though our delish Bounce scrub and mask has many brilliant benefits, sadly, it can’t scrub away all the harmful effects of the summer sun.

Even if you’re not going to be in it for long, the sun can wreak havoc on our skin. And though us Aussies are a pretty relaxed bunch, skin cancer is no joke. Also, the long term effects of sun exposure can leave that bouncy skin of yours looking like the bottom of an old handbag. Not ideal.

As such, we thought we’d give you the hot tips on how to look after this big, beautiful, exposed organ of yours while you enjoy the great outdoors.


Surprise! Baz Luhrman said it best when he said ‘If I could offer you one piece of advice for the future, sunscreen would be it.’ He also presents some other pretty solid enlightenment in the speech/ song ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’ we suggest you have a listen for all-round positive vibes.


Anyway, back to the point.


If a man who has experienced more of the world than many folks says that sunscreen is his number one tip for the future, who are we to argue? Also, science agrees with him pretty strongly on this point, too. So we’re inclined to listen.


You really should be slapping on some serious SPF every day. Yeah, friends. Every. Single. Day. Especially on your face. And don’t forget to reapply! You slacker.


Remember though, your skin needs to breathe on an evening so when you’re getting ready for slumber be sure to wash off that layer of protection. The moonlight won’t getcha.

Cover up

Look, we believe in rocking out that beautiful bod of yours as much as anyone. But if you’re risking your health? That’s not hot.

Rashies are no longer nerdy, with some seriously awesome styles available out there. We love Aussie label UNE Piece.

The hattrick

It’s really hard to protect your head with sunscreen alone. Even if you have the spray-on stuff, you’d have to rock a pretty slick look all the time to make sure your noggin’ is staying safe. 

Save yourself the drama and throw on a hat. The best part is, you get to express your stylish self even more! Take it from just a ‘look’ to a ‘lewkkkk’.

Be shady

You heard it here first. Actually, probably second. Slim Shady may have said it first. It’s cool to be shady. 

If there’s shade available, seek it out. You can still enjoy being outside without sitting directly in the sun’s rays. And where possible, bring your own! Throw up a sunshade, pretend it’s a kabana in Cabo. There’s a barman name Carlos fixing you a drink. Heaven.

Don’t get baked, man

Slip-ups happen. You all saw Meatloaf perform at the grand final a few years back, right? What we’re saying is, we all certainly make mistakes. Sometimes we do get a little crispy, accidentally. But dousing yourself in cooking oil and lying on the beach like you’re a piece of the Colonel’s fried chicken is not the right way to get hot.

We’re all for enjoying your time outside, but we promise you that purposely baking yourself is Meatloaf-level mistake.

Check yourself out

You deserve to check yourself out, in all your glory. Get to know the skin you’re in and pay attention to any changes. 

But we recommend doing so with a professional too. It’s easy to get blasé about your skin checks. But skin cancer is not so blasé. It can creep up fast, so be sure to book in for a regular annual screening. 

The places the sun don’t shine…

It’s a little known fact that skin cancer can easily pop up in places that the sun don’t shine... no, literally. Skin cancer is not just a result of direct exposure to the sun. Moles can appear anywhere and don’t’ simply turn nasty because you’ve been burnt. 

Stay fresh

Though this isn’t a direct way to protect your skin from the outside world this summer, keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated when it’s getting a little thirsty is an important way to help you feel like your best self. Be sure to drink a bucketload (actually several) of water to keep things refreshed from the inside.

On the outside, well, you can scrub up with our George and Eva Bounce scrub and mask.