Hi, We're George & Eva

We've spent 12 months exploring our Aussie backyard, from the outback to the sea to bring you the very best in botanical skincare. We're 100% Aussie born and bred and so are our ingredients. Made with Australian botanicals and clean ingredients, your skin and the environment will be happy about that!

Achieving an effortless glow shouldn't require hours of multi product routines and it definitely shouldn't be reserved for just the ladies (George, thinks the guys deserve a glow just as much).

Our mission is to develop natural products that nourish, detoxify, and repair that's good for both you and the environment - we call that A Beauty. A Beauty - beauty, the Aussie way.

1. Stay obsessed about clean and natural beauty
We’re obsessed with regulating and reviewing every ingredient that goes into our products. Our products must pass the ‘G&E Test’ to make sure it is natural, safe and effective.

2. Keep it Simple
We believe that beauty should not be complicated. We’re breaking away from the multitude of steps in beauty routines, instead we focus on products that are easy to use, uncomplicated and most important deliver results so you don’t have to waste your hard earned cash on a cupboard full of products.

3. Love thy creatures
We love all creatures, okay maybe not the creepy crawly ones, but we promise never to test on animals. We test each and every product on ourselves before sharing it with the world, that’s why George is absolutely glowing!

4. Thou shalt not make friends with Nasties
Nasties have no place in our products and are given the boot as soon as we spot them. Ingredients such as parabens, phtylolates, silicones, mineral oils, sulfates (SLS), PEGs, talc, and chemical UV filters petrolatum are strictly banned. If they pose risk to health or we suspect they may pose a risk to health we’ll launch into action to look for safer alternatives.

5. Proudly made in Australia
What can we say, we’re proud as punch of this beautiful land and the people that make it up. We test and manufacture our products right here in Australia by people that we know and trust. We’re also absolutely obsessed with the entire product journey so we love being involved in every step.
Made with Love

George & Eva xx

"I love the texture of this one, it’s got the perfect amount of scrubbiness (is that a word lol). It leaves the skin super hydrated and smooth"



"My skin was left soooo soft! It's such a unique scrub due to its texture and how fine it is."



"It’s a nice exfoliation step that wasn’t too messy and left my skin feeling super smooth!"